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Video on The Bible Codes

Here’s a great primer on the Bible codes.

WARNING: Bible codes cannot be used to predict the future. Codes predicting assassinations, for example, are too statistically insignificant to be considered as being intentionally placed. Unless an experiment has been done involving an a priori hypothesis and replication with significant results (and there have been a few that were successful), codes found in the Bible are generally thought-provoking curiosities. The successful experiments are what prove the Bible codes’ existence.

I recommend ignoring the pop-up annotations the first time viewing the videos.

Bible Codes – Part 1 of 4

Bible Codes – Part 2 of 4

Bible Codes – Part 3 of 4

Bible Codes – Part 4 of 4

Unfortunately, there is no Part 5. I was as frustrated by that as you. 🙂

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