Bullets Aren’t Kosher (The Torah Codes Book 4)

Bullets Aren't Kosher by Ezra Barany

Have you ever woken up wondering where you were, who you were, and why you were wanted for murder?

A man with amnesia is chased by the police for a crime he doesn’t remember committing.

As the evidence piles up against him, he must do all he can to clear his name before admitting to himself that he may be a cold-blooded killer after all.

Ezra Barany presents a kosher crime thriller of amnesia set in San Francisco to keep you up all night guessing.

Like the other books in The Torah Codes series, and inspired The Sunflower by Elie Wiesel, this novel includes essays reflecting on the Jewish themes of the book.

Written by Ezra Barany, the essays touch on what defines a good person and includes reflections of the Ten Commandments, the Jewish definition of the difference between a good and bad person, redemption, sadism, and how to know if you are a truly good person. An essay on how to be a mensch by Adrienne Gold Davis is included to feed your mind.


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