Deborah's Number: A Bank Heist Mitzvah (The Torah Codes Book 3) by Ezra Barany When your beloved is kidnapped by a crazed killer, and you’re trapped in a bank heist, being held hostage is damned inconvenient.

Carl Best’s bucket list has plenty of things he might never do, thanks to being stuck in a Witness Protection Program as a bank teller in Podunk upstate New York. When he is framed for grand larceny, gets beat up in jail, and then becomes a hostage at the bank in a bank heist? Yeah. Those weren’t on his bucket list, either.

He was thinking more along the lines of going to New York City to visit the Hall of Science.

When he uncovers that the heist has international consequences, and his wife Sarah has been kidnapped by a rogue police officer bent on killing him, he’s convinced someone gave him the wrong bucket list. Now if only there were some way to escape the robbery in time to stop the kidnapper from killing Sarah.

Book 3 in The Torah Codes series, in Deborah’s Number, Ezra Barany presents a bank heist thriller story to keep you up all night.

This novel touches on the status of women in religion and includes essays and interviews with Tasneem Mandviwala, Maharat Rori Picker Neiss, Alice Brilmayer, Deonna Kelli Sayed, Reverend Stacy Alan, Rabbi Jill Hammer, Taya Shere, Naomi Tilsen, Bella Barany, Rabbi Amy Levin, Dr. Monica Migliorino Miller, and Rabbi Cindy Enger’s sermon on domestic violence.

A rollercoaster ride from start to finish. So much so that I did not stop reading until I finished the book. So happy that I had a few hours free to pamper myself and indulge by reading a story that was fun, and filled with lots of whimsy. I can’t remember when I actually read and completed a book in one sitting. Deborah’s Number kept my interest and curiosity piqued throughout the entire story. The Characters are memorable.” — Mary Van Everbroeck

Deborah’s Number: A Bank Heist Mitzvah (The Torah Codes Book 3) by Ezra Barany is available in e-book and print.

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