Book Description of “Mourner’s Kaddish”:

Getting mugged is so inconvenient. Fortunately, Nathan Yirmorshy can handle the nuisance with a belt and a prayer. Unfortunately, the mugger comes back with a gang and corners Nathan. Unfortunately for the gang, that is.

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Ezra Barany started his career of freaking out readers with his suspense and thriller stories in college. In his free time, he has eye-opening discussions on the art of writing novels with his wife and book coach Beth Barany. Ezra, a physics teacher, lives in Oakland with his beloved wife and cats Rocket and Cinnamon working on his next book in The Torah Codes series. Ezra, not the cats.




Excerpt from

Mourner’s Kaddish

By Ezra Barany


A short man in a hoodie and ripped jeans stood ahead of me on the sidewalk. He was probably just hanging out, but something about him seemed like all his attention was on me. Maybe it was the way he was the only one around on Clifton Street. Maybe it was the way his shoulders slumped and how he stood there as if his feet were stuck to the sidewalk. I chucked it up to end-of-the-day paranoia, and continued toward him to get to my car.

Was that a glance? It sure looked like he glanced at me.

As I approached him, he did it again, sneaking a glimpse of me. He stepped in front of me holding a knife. What the hell was he thinking? I’d never been mugged before, but just because this was the city of Oakland, Crime Capital of California, didn’t mean I was ready to start a life of victimization.

“Give me your wallet.” He wagged his hand as if I needed to pay more attention to his knife.

“No, you give me your wallet.” I shoved him to the ground.

He dropped the knife, placing his hands behind himself to break his fall, and he lay there stunned.

I bent over and grabbed his collar. “Come on, give it to me!”

He fumbled for his wallet. The flat leather fold floundered in his hands and fell to the sidewalk.

“Get out of here.” I pushed his shoulders. “Get out of here now!”

He scrambled to his feet, darted off, and disappeared around the corner.




Mourner's Kaddish


Ezra Barany, author of the award-winning bestseller The Torah Codes