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News and Reviews of The Torah Codes

Jew-JitsuAlas! My blog has been getting cobwebs and bunny droppings. (Out here in California, you know the neglect of a place is bad when it’s infested by bunnies.) And there’s no excuse for the neglect, either! Actually, my book has been kicking major butt, lately. I have so much good news to share that I don’t know where to begin!

So let’s look at some reviews:

  • “5 stars! I did not expect to enjoy this book so much as it isn’t my usual genre. I did read The Da Vinci Code so was curious about the comparison. I think Mr. Barany’s book was far better written. The story held my attention, loved his unusual humor. In fact, I had to force myself to stop reading last night. Would definitely recommend. A real plus is that part of the purchase goes to Bay Area schools.” Mackenzie Jones, Amazon customer
  • “5 stars! This book has a compelling story line and was actually hard to put down. The essays at the end of the book were fantastic!” Troy B. Stengel, Amazon customer
  • “4 stars! My husband and I read this out loud before bed for about a week. It was so exciting that we read two hours each night instead of our usual one hour.
    It’s a fun book to share with a special friend.” June Safran, Amazon customer
  • “5 stars! Ezra Barany is an excellent writer and storyteller. Was a little concerned that this book was going to have an agenda about Torah Codes, but I was pleasantly surprised. Well crafted and interesting story with Ezra’s trademark humor included.” Stephanie Dangott, Amazon customer
  • “5 stars! The book contains a healthy portion of suspense, action, and mystery. This book is a page-turner that I found very difficult to put down. The book has kind of a Dan Brown Da Vinci Code feel to it. The appendix is good reading as well as food for thought and should not be skipped. The author is donating a portion of the book sales to the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Schools. A good book and helping a good cause is a winning combination!” A.R. Cook, The Book Review


And here’s my favorite:

  • “The visceral suspense is a framework from which the writer dangles a far more intriguing intellectual, even spiritual, carrot…Let me put this quite baldly: the question before us is not a fictional one. If The Torah Codes describes a real phenomenon, then we are talking about statistical evidence that the scriptures are indeed supernatural—that is to say, holy, inspired by a force with, at the very least, a god’s-eye-view of history. Including, one might presume, future history.” Ien Nevins, Berkshire Fine Arts book review

So far, my books been received well. And as they say in French: YAY!

And so much more has happened since the launch of The Torah Codes! I’ve been to NY, I’ve been on the radio,…but that’s another post.

Be sure to keep an eye out for my upcoming guest blog post on How to Create a Page-Turning Plot. It will be posted at Misc. Ramblings (http://tamis-ramblings.blogspot.com)!

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